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Steel building design: Worked examples for students (P387)

This easy-to-read publication provides a concise overview of steel design to the Eurocodes. (Reprinted 2017)
SKU: P387

This easy-to-read publication provides a concise overview of steel design to the Eurocodes. Although prepared with students in mind, the guide should be a very valuable reference for practicing engineers, as it covers common design cases and includes the influence of the UK National Annex. 

The publication gives:

  • An introduction to Eurocode terminology and the structure of the Eurocode system.
  • Twelve worked examples, including values of parameters and design options given in UK National Annexes.
  • Templates for practical design including frame stability, typical members and connections, chosen to represent realistic design situations.
  • An invaluable resource for students and practising engineers alike when undertaking Eurocode designs in the UK.
Products specifications
Author Edited by M E Brettle and D G Brown
Dimensions A4
ISBN 978-1-85942-191-8
Publisher SCI
Edition Year 2009
SCI Ref Code P387
Binding Paperback
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