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Steel building design: Medium rise braced frames (P365)

This publication supports one of the very common uses of steel in the UK. (Published 2010).
SKU: P365

This publication supports one of the very common uses of steel in the UK. For new designers, the guide provides an introduction to the major features of multi-storey design. For more experienced designers, the guide illustrates the key changes when designing to the Eurocode, in particular the revised approach to frame stability. A worked example showing the design of the major elements is included.

The publication provides:

  • General design guidance and advice on detailed design to the Eurocodes
  • An overview of the common floor systems used in multi-storey structures, including typical framing layouts, typical member sizes and construction depths
  • Detailed guidance on the design of bracing systems, with particular attention to allowance for second order effects
  • Guidance on the application of the robustness rules in Eurocode 1, which are intended to ensure adequate tying resistance and the avoidance of disproportionate collapse.
Products specifications
Author D G Brown, D C Iles and E Yandzio
ISBN 978-1-85942-181-9
Publisher SCI
Edition Year 2009
SCI Ref Code P365
Binding Paperback
Dimensions A4
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