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Steel building design: Design data "Eurocode Blue Book" (P363)

The "Blue Book" is the essential aid for the design of steelwork. Comprehensive tables of member resistances are given for S275 and S355 steel. Republished June 2013; reprinted 2015. Please see details for more information.
SKU: P363

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The “Blue Book” is the essential aid for the design of steelwork. Comprehensive tables of member resistances are given for S275 and S355 steel, to enable rapid selection of steel members in compression, bending and tension. Tables are also provided for combined bending and compression, web resistance and shear resistance.

This edition provides resistances in accordance with the UK version of Eurocode 3 (parts 1-1, 1-5, and 1-8 together with their relevant UK National Annexes).

It provides:
• Section property data for rolled I sections, ASB sections, channels, angles and hollow sections, including effective section properties.
• Resistances for common member types and serial sizes for beams and columns.
• Resistances for ordinary (non pre-loaded) bolts, pre-loaded bolts and welds.

There are two key differences in the reprinted version as follows:
In the 2013 reprint
Lateral torsional buckling resistances are quoted for convenient values of the factor C1, covering common design cases such as a UDL and a central point load. Previously, lateral torsional buckling resistances were quoted at fixed values of C1, and users had to interpolate for some of the common design cases. The values given in the earlier editions are entirely correct and appropriate for use. The 2013 reprint improves the convenience of the look-up tables.
The bearing resistances in previous editions were calculated based on nominal dimensions of bolt group geometry (such as end distance, edge distance, etc), rather than the actual values quoted in the tables, and were slightly conservative in some cases. The 2013 version presents bearing resistances based on the actual values of bolt geometry.


Products specifications
Author E Nunez Moreno, E Yandzio
ISBN 978-1-85942-186-4
Publisher SCI, Tata Steel, BCSA
Edition Year 2009
SCI Ref Code P363
Dimensions A4
Binding Paperback
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