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Steel Bridges

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Composite highway bridge design: Worked examples (P357)

This publication is the second in a set of SCI bridge design guides that reflect the rules in the Eurocodes. (Published 2010)

Design of composite highway bridges curved in plan (P393)

This design guide addresses the consequences of the plan curvature on the design of composite bridges and effectively offers a supplement to SCI design guides P356 and P357.

Steel Bridge Group: Model project specification for the execution of steelwork in bridge structures (P382)

This publication provides a set of clauses, to be used in bridge project specifications, that responds to the options and alternatives allowed in BS EN 1090-2, the execution standard for steelwork designed to Eurocode 3. The clauses are arranged under the headings in BS EN 1090-2 and for each clause a commentary is given, explaining the context of or background to the clause. Free download available from: www.steelbiz.org

Composite highway bridge design (P356)

This publication is the first in a set of SCI bridge design guides that reflect the rules in the Eurocodes. (Published 2010)

Integral steel bridges. A summary of current practice in design and construction (P340)

This publication presents a brief summary of current practice in steel integral bridge construction, based on the experience of designers and constructors. (Published 2005)

Design guide for ladder deck bridges (P339)

This publication provides design guidance on a particular form of composite highway bridge - the ladder deck form. It compliments the SCI design guides for multi-girder composite highway bridges, P289 and P290. (Published 2006)

Design guide for steel railway bridges (P318)

This publication presents an introduction to the design of steel and composite railway bridges in the UK. It reviews the particular requirements for carrying railway traffic. Typical forms of construction are illustrated and design procedures, in accordance with BS 5400 are explained. (Published 2004)

Precast concrete decks for composite highway bridges (P316)

This published Technical Report examines the use of full-thickness, full width precast deck slabs in highway bridges. (Published 2004)

Commentary on BS 5400-3:2000 - Code of practice for the design of steel bridges (P295)

The publication discusses in detail the provisions in the clauses of BS 5400-3: 2000, provides background information where appropriate and comments on their practical application. (Published 2000)

Design guide for composite highway bridges: Worked examples (P290)

This publication presents three worked examples and is a complementary publication to P289 Design guide for composite bridges. (Published 2001)

Design guide for composite highway bridges: General guidance (P289)

This publication describes the initial and detailed design aspects of composite highway bridge construction, using a reinforced concrete slab on top of steel girders. Reference is made to BS 5400, in particular to BS 5400-3: 2000. (Published 2001)

Integral steel bridges. Design of a multi-span bridge - Worked example (P250)

The publication provides a worked example for a multi-span fully integral bridge using steel substructures (comprising H-pile abutments, tubular pile column intermediate supports and a composite plate girder deck). (Published 1998)

Steel Bridge Group. Guidance notes on best practice in steel bridge construction - Fifth issue (P185/5)

This publication presents a collection of separate Guidance Notes on a range of topics concerning the design and construction of structural steelwork for bridges. (Published 2010)

Design guide for steel sheet pile bridge abutments (P187)

This publication provides guidance for the design and construction of steel sheet pile embedded retaining walls for bridge abutments. The reader is introduced to steel sheet pile embedded retaining walls and to the benefits of their use as bridge abutments. A design basis based on limit state design is presented. (Published 1998)

Integral steel bridges. Design guidance (P163)

The Publication gives advice and guidance on the design of integral bridges that use steel in a composite deck, in the substructure, and in both.

Design guide for composite box girder bridges. 2nd Edition - 2004 (P140)

This publication provides guidance on the design of composite box girder bridges, generally in accordance with BS5400. (Published 2004)