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Products tagged with 'Integral bridge'

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Composite highway bridge design (P356)

This publication is the first in a set of SCI bridge design guides that reflect the rules in the Eurocodes. (Published 2010)

Design of composite highway bridges curved in plan (P393)

This design guide addresses the consequences of the plan curvature on the design of composite bridges and effectively offers a supplement to SCI design guides P356 and P357.

Integral steel bridges. A summary of current practice in design and construction (P340)

This publication presents a brief summary of current practice in steel integral bridge construction, based on the experience of designers and constructors. (Published 2005)

Integral steel bridges. Design of a multi-span bridge - Worked example (P250)

The publication provides a worked example for a multi-span fully integral bridge using steel substructures (comprising H-pile abutments, tubular pile column intermediate supports and a composite plate girder deck). (Published 1998)