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Products tagged with 'Buildings'

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Best practice for the specification and installation of metal cladding and secondary steelwork (P346)

This new publication presents guidance to designers and contractors on the specification and installation of profiled metal cladding systems and the supporting purlins and side rails. It will promote a greater understanding of the issues faced by the construction team and lead to better co operation on site and in the design office. (Published 2007)

Case studies on residential buildings using steel (P328)

This publication presents a series of Case Studies that illustrate the use of steel in meeting the demands of the residential building sector for more efficient, adaptable and higher quality buildings, especially in inner city locations. (Published 2003)

Design of composite slabs and beams with steel decking (P055)

This publication presents a method of design for simple composite beams in buildings. The method is consistent with BS5950 Part 1 and Part 3.1. (Published 1993)

Design of floors for vibration. A new approach - Revised edition, February 2009 (P354)

This publication presents guidance for assessing the vibration behaviour of floors in steel framed buildings caused by pedestrian traffic. (Published 2009)