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Products tagged with 'Bridges; Structural systems'

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Determining design displacements for bridge movement bearings (P406)

This publication provides guidance on the determination of design values of linear displacements for bridge movement bearings, for use in specifying the requirements for bearings designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 1337. Available as a downloadable PDF only.

Determining the buckling resistance of steel and composite bridge structures. ED008

This document provides an overview of the means to determine the buckling resistance of steel plate girders in composite bridges, both during construction (the bare steel stage) and in service (when the deck slab acts as the top flange). Available as a free downloadable PDF only.

Integral steel bridges. Design guidance (P163)

The Publication gives advice and guidance on the design of integral bridges that use steel in a composite deck, in the substructure, and in both.

Steel Bridge Group: Guidance notes on best practice in steel bridge construction - Sixth issue (P185/6)

This is the 6th issue of the Guidance Notes produced by the Steel Bridge Group (SBG), a technical forum established to consider matters of high-priority interest to the steel bridge construction industry. Available as a free downloadable PDF only.