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Products tagged with 'Light steel; Construction processes'

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BIM and 3D modelling in light steel construction (P407)

In Building Information Modelling (BIM), a virtual model of a building is created digitally, and is shared with the parties in design, construction, management and operation. The BIM models contain precise geometry and data needed to support the construction, manufacture and procurement activities through which the building is realised. BIM is readily utilised with light steel framing because 3D models are commonly used in design and digital information is used for production of the individual components used in light steel framing systems. Available as a Free PDF download.

Building design using modules (P348)

The use of modular and other lightweight forms of building construction is increasing. The benefits of off-site prefabrication and improved quality in manufacture are being realised for residential buildings, for mixed commercial/housing projects, educational and health sector buildings. (Published 2007)

Durability of light steel construction (ED022)

This Information Sheet describes the benefits of light steel construction in relation to durability and frame design life. ED022. Available as a PDF download (Free).

Light Steel Construction - Information Pack (LSF001)

This hard copy pack includes a series of 18 information sheets and leaflets on the use of Light Steel in Construction. The advantages of using Light Steel include; speed of construction, cost effectiveness, safety and high quality.