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Products tagged with 'Multi-storey buildings'

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Acoustic detailing for steel construction (P372)

This publication presents the general principles of sound insulation, the regulatory requirements for modern residential buildings and generic acoustic solutions using steel construction technologies. (Published 2008)

Acoustic performance: Case studies (P371)

These case studies present a number of residential buildings constructed using different forms of steel construction. The case studies focus on the acoustic performance of the buildings and present on-site acoustic test data for separating walls and floors within the developments. (Published 2009)

Design of multi-storey braced frames (P334)

This publication provides guidance on the design of the superstructure of steel-framed multi-storey braced frame buildings. (Published 2004)

Joints in steel construction. Moment-resisting joints to Eurocode 3 "The Green Book" (P398)

This publication covers the design of moment-resisting joints in accordance with Eurocode 3. Moment-resisting joints are typically found in portal frames and in continuous construction. This publication is the successor to Joints in steel construction – Moment connections (P207/95), which covers connections designed in accordance with BS 5950. (Published November 2013)