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Products tagged with 'Light steel'

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Light Steel Residential Buildings (ED011)

Multi-storey residential building is an important market for light steel framing and modular construction. These forms of construction are widely adopted because of the speed of construction, high quality and the high level of sustainability that are achieved through off-site manufacture. (ED011) Available as a free PDF download.

Light Steel Solutions for All Applications (ED010)

Light steel framing can be used in a wide range of building types and applications. This versatility is demonstrated by the case studies presented in this technical information sheet. The information used to produce these case studies was supplied by members of the Light Steel and Modular Framing Group, who are some of the leading manufacturers and system suppliers of light steel framing, operating across all sectors of construction in the UK. Available as a Free PDF download

Modular construction using light steel framing. Residential buildings (P302)

This publication provides information suitable for use by all parties at the design and specification stage of modular construction in residential buildings. (Published 2001)

Sustainability of light steel construction (ED020)

This Information Sheet reviews the key sustainability indicators and how they are satisfied using light steel framing and modular construction. ED020. Available as a PDF download (Free).