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Products tagged with 'Light steel'

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Light steel framing in residential construction (P402)

This publication is an update to an earlier SCI guide on the use of light steel framing in residential construction. It has been updated to reflect the latest design standards and building regulations, and current construction methods. The guidance addresses all the criteria that need to be considered and explains how these can be achieved with light steel framing.

Light Steel Infill Walls (ED013)

Infill walling is the generic name given to external walls that are built between the floors of the primary structural frame of a building and which provide support for the cladding system. Infill walls do not support floor loads but they resist wind loads applied to the fa├žade. Light steel infill walls using vertical C section studs are increasingly used within both steel and concrete-framed buildings, and have largely replaced masonry or timber alternatives. (ED013) Available as a free PDF download

Light steel load-bearing walls (P408)

Light steel load-bearing walls are used in light steel framing and modular construction. The light steel walls are fully load-bearing because they support floor loads, loads from walls above and resist lateral wind loads. They generally include bracing to provide lateral stability to the building. Light steel loadbearing walls use vertical C sections (studs) of typically 100 mm depth. Both internal and external walls may be designed as load-bearing. P408 Available as a free PDF download.

Light Steel Modular Construction (ED014)

This Information Sheet reviews the various forms of building modules constructed using light steel framing and presents examples of where modular construction has been used. It reviews the basic principles of design using modular construction and addresses the basic dimensions, design requirements and interfaces with cladding, services and other details. (ED014) Available as a free PDF download.