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Products tagged with 'BS 5950'

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Design of semi-continuous braced frames (P183)

This publication presents a method of analysis and design which permits semi-continuous braced steel frames to be designed by hand. (Published 1997)

Design of steel beams in torsion (P385)

Resistance to torsion, usually in conjunction with bending, is a design situation where designers welcome guidance. This publication explains the basic behaviour of beams in torsion and provides formulae and graphs for evaluating the effects of torsion. (Published 2011)

Guide to the major amendments in BS 5950-1.2000 (P304)

This publication provides information suitable for use by all parties at the design and specification stage of modular construction in residential buildings. (Published 2001)

Handbook of structural steelwork - 4th Edition (P201)

This handbook gives practical design advice, worked examples, section properties and member capacities. (Published 2007)