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Products tagged with 'Buildings; Design'

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Building design using cold formed steel sections. Construction detailing and practice (P165)

This publication provides information and guidance on the construction of light steel framing systems in the domestic and commercial building market. It describes the application of proprietary products and systems available from the major UK manufacturers. (Published 1997)

Composite design of steel framed buildings (P359)

Steel-concrete composite floor construction makes efficient use of structural materials to achieve an economic solution, making it a preferred form of construction for steel framed buildings. (Published 2011)

Protection of Buildings Against Explosions (P244)

This publication provides guidance on the protection of commercial property and personnel from the effects of explosions caused by the detonation of high explosives.

Steel building design: Concise Eurocodes (P362)

This guide cuts through the apparent complexity of the Eurocodes for steel design, and provides the designer with a digestible approach to common tasks. (Published 2010).