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Products tagged with 'CEN Standards'

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Steel building design: Concise Eurocodes (P362)

This guide cuts through the apparent complexity of the Eurocodes for steel design, and provides the designer with a digestible approach to common tasks. (Published 2010).

Steel building design: Design data "Eurocode Blue Book" (P363)

The "Blue Book" is the essential aid for the design of steelwork. Comprehensive tables of member resistances are given for S275 and S355 steel. Republished June 2013; reprinted 2015. Please see details for more information.

Steel building design: Introduction to the Eurocodes (P361)

For designers using the Eurocodes for the first time, this publication offers an overview of the Eurocode standards and the national annexes that implement them. (Published 2009)

Steel building design: Medium rise braced frames (P365)

This publication supports one of the very common uses of steel in the UK. (Published 2010).