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Products tagged with 'Steel; Buildings'

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Building design using cold formed steel sections. Light steel framing in residential construction (P301)

This publication provides guidance on the use of light steel frames in residential construction. It addresses aspects of design within the scope of the Building Regulations. (Published 2001)

Interfaces. Design of steel framed buildings for service integration (P166)

This publication summarises an investigation of the design of structural steel systems with composite beams in commercial buildings which offer the facility for service integration. It reviews the factors influencing the design of the structure and services for buildings in Europe. (Published 1998)

Joints in steel construction. Composite connections (P213)

This publication is one of a series of "Green Books" that cover a range of steelwork connections. (Published 1998)

Modular construction using light steel framing. Residential buildings (P302)

This publication provides information suitable for use by all parties at the design and specification stage of modular construction in residential buildings. (Published 2001)