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Modular construction using light steel framing. Residential buildings (P302)

This publication provides information suitable for use by all parties at the design and specification stage of modular construction in residential buildings. (Published 2001)
SKU: P302

This publication technical guidance and gives information that specifiers may use in detailed discussions with manufacturers.  It covers the requirements of the Building Regulations (England and Wales) and presents design methods and details that satisfy them.  The particular requirements covered are: structure and loading, fire safety, acoustic and thermal performance. 

Although the detailed design of the modules is the manufacturer's responsibility, the interface with the foundations, cladding, roofing and services is often the responsibility of the overall building designer and is therefore given special attention.  Typical details are presented to assist specifiers.  Details of the procurement process, construction on site and information relevant to occupancy are also included.  A value-benefit assessment and a review of sustainability indicators are presented.  Architectural possibilities using modular units are described in outline.  

Products specifications
Author M T Gorgolewski, P J Grubb & R M Lawson
ISBN 1859421229
Publisher SCI
Edition Year 2001
SCI Ref Code P302
Binding Paperback
Dimensions A4
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