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Fire and Steel Construction

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Fire resistance design of steel framed buildings (P375)

This design guide provides a general overview of the fire design of steel and composite structures in accordance with the Eurocodes, introduces the basis of design for fire situations and the criteria that need to be met. (Published 2012)

The fire resistance of concrete filled tubes to Eurocode 4 (P259)

This publication describes a design method for concrete filled hollow sections in fire. (Published 2000)

Designing for structural fire safety. A handbook for architects and engineers (P197)

This publication provides basic information necessary to assist an architect or engineer to understand the principles of design for fire resistant steel structures and the terminology used. (Published 1999)

Design of steel framed buildings without applied fire protection (P186)

This publication explains how framed steel buildings can be designed easily to achieve up to 60 minutes fire resistance, without additional protection. It describes the design basis, in accordance with BS 5950-8, illustrates construction details and presents design data sheets to facilitate scheme design. (Published 1999)

Single storey steel framed buildings in fire boundary conditions (P313)

Building regulations require that external walls of single storey buildings that are close to the site boundaries should have fire resistance, to at least part of the walls.

Structural fire design: Off-site applied thin film intumescent coatings - Second edition (P160)

This publication is the revision of the first edition published in 1996. Intumescent coatings have been used to provide fire protection to steelwork for a number of years - this publication is concerned with the off-site application of intumescent coatings at the fabricator's works. It is in two parts. (P160) Published 2005.