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Design of composite highway bridges curved in plan (P393)

This design guide addresses the consequences of the plan curvature on the design of composite bridges and effectively offers a supplement to SCI design guides P356 and P357.
SKU: P393

This publication complements two earlier design guides for the design of composite bridges in accordance with the Eurocodes. It recognises that many highway bridges carry roads that are on a curved alignment and the supporting structure follows that curved alignment. The guidance addresses the consequences of the plan curvature on the design.

The publication discusses:

  • The options of using a series of straight girder lengths (chords to a curve) and of using curved girders.
  • The behaviour of curved elements, noting the torsional effects that arise, and the application of the Eurocodes to situations that are not always explicitly covered by its rules.
  • Consequences for construction (noting that the fabrication of curved girders is readily achievable in modern workshops) and the options for bridge articulation.

A short worked example illustrates the application of design rules to a two-span bridge, similar to the examples in publication P357 but curved in plan.

Complentary titles:
Composite highway bridge design. P357 Composite highway bridge design - worked examples. P185/5 Steel Bridge Group: Guidance notes on best practice in steel bridge construction.

Products specifications
Dimensions A4
Binding Paperback
Publisher SCI, Tata Steel, BCSA
Edition Year 2012
Author D.C. Iles
Euro Code EC3
ISBN 978-1-85942-204-5
SCI Ref Code P393
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