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Design guide for steel railway bridges (P318)

This publication presents an introduction to the design of steel and composite railway bridges in the UK. It reviews the particular requirements for carrying railway traffic. Typical forms of construction are illustrated and design procedures, in accordance with BS 5400 are explained. (Published 2004)
SKU: P318
The guide sets out a review of the particular requirements for carrying railway traffic and interfacing with railway infrastructure and, since construction issues are particularly acute for replacement bridges, describes the constraints and options for bridge construction. Typical forms of construction for short to medium span bridges are described and simplified cross sectional arrangements are illustrated.  A key consideration for the selection of railway bridges is a safe and reliable structure that can be constructed and maintained with minimal disruption to railway passengers and traffic - steel railway bridges meet these requirements particularly well.
Products specifications
Author D.C. Iles
ISBN 1859421504
Publisher SCI
Edition Year 2004
SCI Ref Code P318
Binding Paperback
Dimensions A4
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