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Composite highway bridge design (P356)

This publication is the first in a set of SCI bridge design guides that reflect the rules in the Eurocodes. (Published 2010)
SKU: P356
The design guidance covers multi-girder and ladder deck forms of construction and includes guidance in relation to integral bridges. A companion publication covers worked examples.  EC3

It includes:
  • Guidance on detailed design in accordance with the Eurocodes.
  • Design of components and connections, in terms of both strength and best practice for construction and durability.
  • Descriptions of the forms of integral abutment and the implications on the design of the superstructure.
  • Non-contradictory complementary information (to be used in conjunction with Eurocode rules) for determining the slenderness of the bare steel beams during construction.
Products specifications
Dimensions A4
Binding Paperback
Author E Nunez Moreno, E Yandzio
Publisher SCI
Edition Year 2010
Author D.C. Iles
ISBN 978-1-85942-188-8
SCI Ref Code P356
Euro Code EC3
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