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Comp Beams/Comp Construct

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Composite design of steel framed buildings (P359)

Steel-concrete composite floor construction makes efficient use of structural materials to achieve an economic solution, making it a preferred form of construction for steel framed buildings. (Published 2011)

Design of composite beams using precast concrete slabs in accordance with Eurocode 4 (P401)

This new publication takes the previously published SCI guidance provided in Design of Composite Beams using Precast Concrete Slabs (P287) 2003 based on BS 5950-3:1990 and presents updated guidance in accordance with the principles of Eurocode 4, supplemented by non-contradictory complementary information (NCCI).

Design of composite beams with large web openings (P355)

Composite floor beams are a preferred solution for multi-storey construction - this type of construction can achieve long spans and openings in the web of the steel section facilitating service integration within the structural zone. (Published 2011)

Precast concrete floors in steel framed buildings (P351)

This publication provides guidance on the design and construction of using precast concrete floors in hot-rolled steel framed buildings. (Published 2007)

Design of asymmetric Slimflor beams with precast concrete slabs (P342)

This publication presents design guidance on the use of precast hollow-core concrete floor slabs with Asymmetric Slimflor Beams in buildings. It covers two types of construction; precast slabs with, and without, a concrete structural topping. (Published 2006)

Composite slabs and beams using steel decking: Best practice for design and construction - Revised edition (P300)

This guide covers the design and construction of composite floors, paying particular attention to the good practice aspects. (Published 2009)

Design of composite beams using precast concrete slabs (P287)

This publication presents design guidance on the structural interaction and detailing of precast slabs with supporting composite beams or slim floor beams. (Published 2003)

Wind-moment design of unbraced composite frames (P264)

This publication provides a simplified design method for unbraced frames. The method assumes that, under vertical load, the connections behave as pins, while under wind load the connections behave rigidly. (Published 2000)

Design of Slimflor fabricated beams using deep composite decking (P248)

The publication presents construction details and methods of design for slim floor construction comprising Slimflor fabricated beams, and in situ concrete acting compositely with the steel deep decking. (Published 1999)

Design of asymmetric Slimflor beams using deep composite decking (P175)

This publication describes the design of composite floors using deep composite slabs and the Asymmetric Slimflor Beam (ASB). It covers both design principles and design procedures. It summarises the load tests that were carried out to validate the design of ASB sections. Fire resistance is addressed. (Published 1997)

Design of composite slabs and beams with steel decking (P055)

This publication presents a method of design for simple composite beams in buildings. The method is consistent with BS5950 Part 1 and Part 3.1. (Published 1993)