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Acoustic detailing for steel construction (P372)

This publication presents the general principles of sound insulation, the regulatory requirements for modern residential buildings and generic acoustic solutions using steel construction technologies. (Published 2008)
SKU: P372

This publication gives acoustic details for steel framed buildings with a range of floor and wall constructions. The guidance is based on acoustic test results and information published by manufacturers and suppliers of plasterboard, light steel framing, acoustic systems and associated products. It provides advice to architects, designers and other construction professionals on detailing to achieve the required acoustic performance.

It explains and provides information on:  

  • The general principles of sound insulation.
  • Regulatory requirements for modern residential buildings.
  • Generic acoustic solutions using steel construction technologies. The acoustic solutions include constructions suitable for separating walls and floors between dwellings.  
  • Recommended junction details for separating floors supported on hot-rolled steel frames
  • Integration of building elements into separating walls and floors.  
  • Expected acoustic performance for walls and floors (as airborne insulation values) and for floors only (as impact sound values).
Products specifications
Author A.G.Way,G.H. Couchman
ISBN 978-1-85942-178-9
Publisher Alden Press
Edition Year 2008
SCI Ref Code P372
Binding Paperback
Dimensions A4
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